My Sewing Room is finally clean!

We moved into this house almost 2 years ago.  And I’ve finally found the time, energy and motivation to get my sewing room completely almost clean and organized!  Look!

I can see the entire top of my table.  I have my sewing tools organized in a silverware tray and I bought a ruler rack for my collection of rulers…no more hunting around for the seam ripper or my 6″ square.  Everything is at my finger tips.  I do need to attack the shelves above my machine someday, but since most of the mess is in bins, it doesn’t bother me much.

Before, I had a stack of odds and ends piled at the end of the table and my tools laying around, rolling behind things.

The machine on the left is my daughter’s and her things were also starting to wander around.  So I found a bin for her and now that area is tidy, too!

I also organized my stash.  It wasn’t too bad before…the problem was that while yardage was on a bookshelf, smaller pieces and scraps were in other areas, including the big pile at the end of the table.  I added bins and stacking shelves and by decluttering a few fabrics and re-arranging. I’m now able to have all my quilting fabric together on this one shelf.  Each white basket holds pieces of fabric smaller than a half yard of the color they are next to.  Can you tell what is my favorite color?




This is my first post on my new quilting blog.  I’ve been wanting to start a new blog about my journey into my style of quilting, which many call modern traditional.  I hope to have many more posts in the future!